VR 2013/51 Kentekenregistratie. Gebruik van gestolen rijbewijs. Schending van art. 8 EVRM.

The Court observes that on 3 November 1995 the applicant reported his driving license stolen. It considers that from that day onward the domestic authorities were no longer entitled to be unaware that whoever might have the applicant’s driving license in his or her possession was someone other than the applicant. Yet the applicant’s driving license was invalidated only on 14 March 1997, when the applicant obtained a replacement. After that date, apparently, no further vehicles were unlawfully registered in the applicant’s name. Plainly, therefore, swift administrative action to deprive a driving license of its usefulness as an identity document was possible and practicable. The Government have not satisfied the Court that such action could not have been taken immediately after the applicant reported that he had lost possession and control of the document. There has accordingly been a violation of Article 8 of the Convention.



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